The onus is for all registered veterinarians to keep up to date with new developments in veterinary science, especially the sectors in which they are working. To this end, all veterinarians are strongly advised:

  • To participate in formal programmes of continuing professional development throughout their careers.
  • To keep records of all the courses/seminars/clinical discussions they have attended as a part of their continuing education each year.
  • In the event of a major change in professional activity or after a career break, to undertake a period of further training and updating of skills sufficient to provide a full professional service for the animals under their care.
  • To join professional veterinary associations which provide continuing professional development courses, clinical evenings and congresses.

Following the unanimous decision in the Meet the Profession meeting of 2015, CPD will become mandatory under the Veterinary Professions Act which is currently being drafted. In preparation for this, members of the profession are encouraged to submit their annual CPD records to Council for monitoring purposes.