Code of Professional Conduct

Membership of a profession places certain responsibilities and obligations upon the individuals belonging to that profession. The privilege of self-regulation is granted to the Veterinary Profession in Zimbabwe on the understanding that it will discharge these responsibilities to society, and that this obligation extends to individual members and to the profession as a whole.

These obligations go above and beyond the common law and are contained in the ethical rules prepared by the Council of Veterinary Surgeons of Zimbabwe (hereinafter referred to as Council) for the guidance of the profession.

These ethics are not drawn up at the whim of Council but are based on the extensive experience of the profession in the world and updated to respond to the wishes and circumstances of the profession in Zimbabwe. It is in response to these needs that Council has prepared the Code of Professional Conduct to update the existing Code of Ethics.

There is a commonly held perception that ethics are a set of rules imposed by one group of people on others for policy-making reasons and that they can therefore be ignored or applied when it is expedient to do so. This is not the case. The ethics of veterinary profession are, and must continue to be above racial, political or vested financial interests and must always be formulated with the best interests of the welfare of animals and society foremost. They are applicable at all times.

The Code sets out the framework of the legal and ethical obligations within which veterinarians must operate in order to fulfil their responsibilities to animals and society.