Dr Rachel Jennifer Elliot Stewart

BVSc from University of Zimbabwe (1991). MVSc from University of Saskatchewan, Canada specializing in Herd Medicine and Theriogenology (1995). DPhil from University of Utrecht, The Netherlands (2007).

Have worked in Zimbabwe continuously from 1995 to present date either at the University of Zimbabwe or with the National Association of Dairy Farmers of Zimbabwe (now called the Zimbabwe Association of Dairy Farmers). She is currently back in the employment of the University of Zimbabwe at the Faculty of Veterinary Science.

She is a member of the Zimbabwe Veterinary Association committee responsible for the Zimbabwe Veterinary Journal. She is the current editor of the Zimbabwe Veterinary Journal which has just been revived.


She would like to help the Council of Veterinary Surgeons of Zimbabwe meet the needs of the veterinary profession in the current Zimbabwean situation and to increase the relevance of Zimbabwean Veterinary professionals.