Prof Davies Mubika Pfukenyi (DPhil, MVSc, BVSc).

He is an associate professor of veterinary epidemiology and the current Dean of the Veterinary Faculty. Before joining the University he was a Principal Veterinary Research Officer at the Central Veterinary Laboratories. He served as the Vice-Chairperson of the outgoing Council. His research interests are focused on the epidemiology of zoonoses and vector-borne parasitic diseases. To date, he has 41 publications. Based on his varied positions he has acquired the necessary experience, leadership, expertise and motivation to successfully carry out Council’s vision to a next higher level. As a previous member, he will enable continuity of Council business.

His Council vision is to promote and advance public and animal health and welfare through quality veterinary services. He wants to serve, protect, represent and promote the interests of the veterinary and para-veterinary professions. He also wishes to promote and monitor high standards of veterinary education.